Why does the gospel have parables? And why does the Apocalypse have parables?

Why does the gospel have parables? And why does the Apocalypse have parables?
The word angel means messenger, the trumpets are means of communication, and Apocalypse means Revelation, that is, it is a revelation announced by the prophet Daniel (Daniel 12: 9) and that is carried out through the use of a means of communication (such as a blog or a youtube video), the Apocalypse was written in parables due to religious persecution, Jesus also used parables due to religious persecution, the purpose of the persecutors was to hellenize the gospel, that is to say, to falsify it with the teachings of the Greeks , for example, with the teachings of Cleobulo de Lindos, but at the end of time, this falsification is denounced, and thus the institutions that profited from lies are destroyed.

Daniel 12: 9 He answered: Go, Daniel, for these words are closed and sealed until the end time.

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